Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My favorite blogs and YouTubers

I love to watch and read blogs and YouTube ! So my favorites are :
  •  JaaackJack , this girl is my favorite !I can't stay 1 day without watch her videos! She's amazing! Really inspiring and positive.She have a YouTube too.
  • JulyG,i don't watch her from a long time but now i love her ! Is so positive and funny ! She's just on YouTube!
  • Zoella, i think you know her already ! She's on Youtube and she have a blog too.
  • PiinkSparkles she's a Canadian girl . I love her because is different and positive. 
  •  SACCONEJOLYs ,here is 1 in 2 haha , i say that because i watch the everyday vlogs but Anna videos too and she have a blog too.
This is just a little list , because i watch much more channels and blogs ... but this my "everyday" list. 
   VerificatBut i have a big list :  
And more. .... :) Thank you for reading !See you next time !


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